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Why I created the Petition to ask ABC to stop Perpetuating Toxic Stereotypes

Why I created the Petition to ask ABC to stop Perpetuating Toxic 
Stereotypes  against the Puerto Rican community
Puerto Rico has been part of US territory since 
 1898 – 2012 = 114 years ago
Puerto Ricans became US citizens in 
1917 – 2012 = 95 years ago

Puerto Ricans have contributed and helped build the United States of America we all enjoy today by serving in the military, as government officials, teachers, doctors, lawyers, artist and have even gone into space.

1. I don’t find it funny that the only portrayals of Puerto Ricans media chooses to broadcast across all of their platforms are negative stereotypes. 

When media abuses their power bombarding the entire world with negative stereotypes without any attempt at presenting positive images of the Puerto Rican community its NOT funny.
It IS irresponsible, racist and unacceptable.

Why hasn’t media (in this case ABC networks) present 100 positive images? 50? 20? or even 10?

2. It poisons the human collective consciousness.

As humans we need to feel heard and respected, like we have a voice and that our voice matters. In 1943 American professor of psychology, Abraham Maslow, listed the Basic Human Needs as: Physiological needs, Safety needs, Love and belonging, Esteem, Self-actualization and Self-transcendence.

The imbalanced views the media have created are abusive, toxic and destructive to us all.

What do you think happens when generations of children grow up without seeing their reflection in the world?  Do they grow up feeling like they are not good enough?  Do they feel like they should be hidden away in the same way they are kept out of history books and school books?
3. Responsibility.  As human citizens of this planet it is our responsibility to care for it and make it better for our children, our families, our communities and future generations.

If you do not feel comfortable taking action. Please support those that do.

It’s 2012. We know better. Let’s do better.  Be a catalyst for change.

Please sign and share this petition.


You do not need to be Puerto Rican to be offended by inequality and racism. People from Finland, Spain, Portugal, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Switzerland,Trinidad and Tobago, France and the Czech Republic have already signed.  Won’t you?

Notable People raising awareness on this issue:
US Rep. José Serrano, Rep. Nydia Velázquez, Assemblyman José Rivera, Resident Commissioner and a non-voting member of the US House of Representatives Pedro Pierluisi, Former New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson, Julio Pabon and Lucky Rivera creators of Boricuas for a Positive Image, Puerto Rican actor Darlene Vazquetelles, and director Carlos Jiménez, who recently formed the nonprofit Puerto Rican Alliance for Awareness (PRAA): Raul Colon creator of Papa Heroes and VegLatino, Julio Varela creator of Latino Rebels

Links & Resources for Puerto Rico and its History

To Puerto Rico. ORG

Virtual Field Trip

History of Puerto Rico on Sol Boricua

STOP Racism

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