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Writing a Young Adult Fantasy Serial Story ~ Letters to the 5th Direction

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I’ve been working on a Fantasy Saturday Serial titled Letters to the 5th Direction, with award winning author J.R. Turner. The story is the fantasy adventure of 12 year old Julie who inherits the 5th Dimension from her grandmother.

It has been a great experience collaborating with someone so talented who allows me to run away with my imagination. Jenny has also contributed the most fantastic illustrations to go with the story.

If you haven’t already you can catch up with the series at the following links.

I hope you enjoy reading them.

Episode 1: Fairy Flight North
Episode 2: The Rolling Trolls
Episode 3: Waves, Caves & Warriors
Episode 4: Merciless Dreams
Episode 5: Battle at Sky Bridge
Episode 6: A Royal Journey
Episode 7: Off to Grandma’s Castle

Episode 8: Coming Soon

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