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Budget and Credit Tips #Sponsored by #WellsFargo

This post is brought to you by a compensated campaign in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Wells Fargo. All thoughts and content are my own. (Esta entrada es patrocinada por una campaña compensada en colaboración con Latina Bloggers Connect y Wells Fargo. Todo el contenido y los pensamientos son míos.)

How to Save for Your Next Vacation Tips from me and

Budget & Credit Tips From Wells Fargo


Wells Fargo is committed to making financial education and in-language resources available to Latino consumers. That includes providing customers with bilingual online tools, Spanish Text Banking, Spanish account statements, Spanish-language call centers, Spanish-speaking bankers in stores across the nation, and more.

As part of that commitment and in order to connect with the Hispanic community in a meaningful way, Wells Fargo recently collaborated with Telemundo for the “Conversemos de Tus Finanzas” campaign. The campaign is focused on empowering Hispanics to enhance their financial knowledge and help them to reach their financial goals. The campaign provides customized content, tools and resources around the important financial topics of money management and credit.

After working hard all year long everyone looks forward to having some fun on vacation whether it be an extravagant all inclusive affair or small road trip. We all deserve a break. The first step in creating financial goals such as saving for your vacation is to prepare a budget.

Prepare a budget

  • Understanding your income sources is one of the starting points towards creating a budget.Your annual gross income represents your total income before any taxes or other deductions. “Take-home pay” represents your net income,specifically your income minus taxes, credits, and deductions.
  • Tracking your expenses will help you spend your money more wisely. If you make a budget.This step-by-step process can be surprisingly easy to find out how you’re spending your money. Here’s how:

Gather your financial statements.

Create a list of monthly expenses.

Examine your expenses. (fixed, flexible & discretionary expenses)

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Create a budget in five easy steps.

Target your savings strategy. Look for an online budgeting tool that helps you identify and track multiple goals at once.

Step 1: Organize.

At its core, a budget is a worksheet with two columns: one for income and one for expenses.

Step 2:Track.

For one month, keep a detailed log of all your spending habits.

Step 3: Analyze.

At the end of the month, total your income and your expenses and then subtract your expenses from your income.

Step 4: React.

After looking at all of your expenses, separate them into categories and set a budget for each.

Step 5: Review:

Make a habit of reviewing your budget every month, particularly in the early stages.


Having good credit is very important since most hotels require a credit card for reservations.  The financial experts at Wells Fargo have compiled a list of 28 tips to help you manage your credit.

Click here to read your free Credit Tip Sheet from the experts at Wells Fargo.

You can find many more tips like these on the easy to navigate Wells Fargo website.

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