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Several months ago I sold the house our family has lived in for the past fifteen years.  It was a stressful life changing event.  I’m not saying it was all bad because it truly wasn’t.  The move was a natural part of life where I experienced personal growth and development.  One life changing lesson in particular was when I realized that I do not want to place importance on objects anymore.  Instead I am shifting my values and placing importance on having experiences rather than accumulating a pile of ‘things.’  I ended up tossing and donating more than half of what we had.  Not everything of course.  I did keep many sentimental trinkets neatly put away in storage but now I’m not hauling around things I haven’t used in years. 

The move prompted me to question and think about what was important to me; how I wanted to live and what I wanted to do.  As a creative I can work anywhere and something our family has been wanting to do is travel more.  We don’t see traveling as a luxury but a natural way to learn about our world and ourselves.  I am curious about people and places.  My passions are to photograph, write about and document my adventures.  I want to share the beauty I find with others through Bella Vida by Letty to pass on my knowledge and my joy.

My Personality

The first thing I did even before securing our new home was plan a trip to NOLA.  It was a blast and I am compiling all of the posts and turning them into an ebook coming very soon.

When I travel it’s usually for a long weekend so I try to have as much fun as I can pack into these short trips.  This means I do a lot of research about the place beforehand and try to have a few back up things to do in case something doesn’t work out.  I’m passionate about writing and photography and love sharing the best of my travels on this site.  For me these are wonderful reminders of how beautiful life can be.

I do a lot of heavy research before my trips.  First, because I’m grown and I don’t want to waste my time or money.  Second, I want to have the most amazing fun time with the resources I do have.  Mainly I just like to be comfortable.  I don’t like large crowds or waiting in long lines so I find the best times to visit.  I love being among nature but I’m not a daredevil.  I find more thrill in discovering a new shade of blue waters than jumping off a cliff.  I’m a very curious person.  I love learning about the people who have built the city I’m visiting, what they did and what they were like.  I love hearing new accents and the local slang.  I like to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the locals.

Where to Stay

I am very picky about where to sleep.  When I’m deciding on a place I look for a safe area, very clean and quiet location.  I plan as many activities as I can during the day so I really like to relax, get a great night’s sleep and recharge for the next days adventure.

What to Do

I’m interested in experiencing the place as visit as the locals do.  I want to see the architecture, parks and museums.  I want to hear all the historical gossip about the local founders.  I want to see what they are proud of and learn why.  Since I’m into photography I’d rather be outdoors so I tend to visit lots of State parks as well as gardens.

What is your travel style?

I live in the very beautiful large state of Florida and do a ton of road trips.  If you need any tips or advice please feel free to ask.  I love to share.

I will leave you with my travel style keywords:  Easy, cozy, enjoyable, relaxed, satisfying, amusing, delightful, entertaining, fun, delicious, new, gratifying, adventure, fascinating, inspiring, impressive, engaging, beautiful, captivating

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