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Today I’m Feeling Grateful

Altered photo taken from the car on a recent road trip.

Today I’m feeling extremely grateful that I have the opportunity to express myself freely.   I’m grateful for the people in my life who encourage me, inspire me and continue to enable me. 

I’m grateful for those special people who take the time to leave me a comment or send me a nice note because of a photo, painting or something they have read. 

And most recently …

I would like to thank Voxxi News for including me in their list of most powerful Latinas in Social Media.  I’m honored to be in such great company, among so many women I admire.  They are talented journalists, entrepreneurs, innovators and risk takers.  The quality I admire most about each and every one of them is their courage.  I admire the fearlessness with which they use their voice to create positive change in the world.  I encourage you to read the article and check them out.

Now I would like to encourage you, the world needs your voice.  Tell your story.

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“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.” Alphonse Karr

“Even if you don’t have all the things you want, be grateful for the things you don’t have that you don’t want.” Bob Dylan

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” Maya Angelou

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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