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Things to do in Jupiter

Things to do in Jupiter
I feel lucky living in the beautiful gigantic state of Florida where there are limitless places for adventuring.  I’m very spontaneous and there are days when I wake up needing to hit the road. One of the day trips I planned this year was to Jupiter Florida. To be honest I picked the town cause the name is funny.  I had to see it for myself.  I’m am really great at planning fun trips if I do say so myself.  Check out what I did.

The first stop in Jupiter was the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, a nature refuge center and wildlife hospital.  The sanctuary has beautifully laid out trails with native trees and plants with plenty of shade and places to sit.  In addition there is an absolutely perfect spot to have lunch, you can even bring your own, under a large shelter with covered picnic tables.  

They have an impressive wide variety of native animals from eagles to panthers, crocodiles, foxes, snakes, eagles, otters, bears, etc.  All of the animals are either being treated to be released or rescued and permanently in residence.  The staff is incredibly well informed and eager to share their knowledge.  They even shared where the animals came from and how they were being taken care of.  One staff member was substitute mom for possum babies which she took home with her at night for feedings.


“The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of Florida’s wildlife and natural resources.  To accomplish this goal the Sanctuary has a two fold mission of wildlife rehabilitation and environmental education.”

If you are looking for a great place to donate this is it.  They genuinely care about each animal brought into the facility.

For the next stop in the Florida town of Jupiter we headed to the beach and stopped at Blowing Rocks, an environmental preserve on a barrier island made out of limestone.  The perfect spot to relax, watch waves and get sprayed.  When I first arrived it was a bit stormy which made for fun, lots of spraying as the waves crashed forcefully into the limestone.


I literally spent the rest of the afternoon watching the waves and clicking away with my camera.   It was a family friendly relaxing day trip.

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