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Things I Learned from my First Art Exhibit

Wynwood Art Exhibit Florida


I’m honored and humbled to announce one of my abstract light graffiti photographs has been chosen to be a part of Beck’s Emerging Artist Exhibition.

My piece is hanging along with fifty local talented artists at the Wynwood Exhibition Center at Cafeina Wynwood. I’m elated to be considered and above all acknowledged as an artist.



Wynwood Art Exhibit Florida

Below is the piece hanging in the exhibition.  It’s called ‘Love on the Run’.  Light graffiti is made by having the camera capture light.  Images are created by either moving the light source or moving the camera.  In the case of this photograph it was both.  There are no special effects.  The image is not altered, it was purposefully captured.  Light graffiti has become of my favorite ways of creating art.

Love on the Run

Things I learned from this amazing experience.

**Only Action Will Bring About Change**

Dreaming, thinking, wishing, writing and making plans is not enough.  Only action can bring change into your life.  I had to step out of my comfort zone to submit and send my artwork out into the world.  I felt excited, nervous, terrified, elated, happy = alive.

**Be Your Truest Self**

An artist is only as good as they allow themselves to be.

Be the unfiltered you. Do not edit yourself to please people.  You cannot please everyone all of the time. Eventually you will piss someone off.

‘Para los gustos son los colores.’

Do not let anyone edit your message.  I’m not referring to constructive criticism but the essence deep inside that defines who you are and what you stand for which is ultimately what you are saying through your work.

**Commit to Doing Your Best**

I realized the importance of creating a great work, of setting goals and standards which will enable me to grow.  Once the work is out there it will speak for itself.

**What you do is Who YOU are**

There are things we do that bring us joy.  There are things we cannot help but do.  Embrace your talent, your skills, study, practice, do the best you can do. I think that’s the best thing we can do for humanity.

Wynwood Art Exhibit Florida

There were many interesting pieces on display including paintings, sculptures, video shorts and photography.  Mine was the only representation of light graffiti.  😉

My Business Card



Hair: bouffant. Makeup by Christian Dior: Retro red lips, dramatic eyes. Nails by OPI: red Keys to my Karma Top: ripped gray sweater with sequins Bottoms: shimmery black leggings  Shoes: Black suede 5 inch platform skinny heel Jewelry: Silver and Black onyx chandelier earrings, long silver necklace with key pendant, short platinum necklace with key pendant.

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