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Road Trip Emergency Essentials Checklist

Get ready for your next trip with this list of road trip emergency  essentials.

Road Trip Emergency Essentials Checklist

Taking road trips is one of the most common ways to vacation.  It’s more affordable and a great way to explore new places, relax and have some fun making new memories.  Make sure your car is ready to go with this checklist.

1. Spare tire
2. Tire jack
3. Tire iron
4. Tire inflator and sealer
5. Jumper cables
6. Your car’s manual
7. Car emergency kit
8. Tire pressure gauge
9. Duct tape
10. WD-40
11. First aid kit
12. Flashlight
13. Multi-tool
14. Matches or other fire starter
15. Energy bars
16. Water bottles
17. Weather radio
18. Seat belt cutter
19. Window breaker
20. Flares
21. Maps / Atlas
22. Ice scraper
23. Mylar space blanket
24. Paper towels
25. Tissues
26. Toilet paper
27. Wet wipes
28. Pencil and paper
29. Umbrella
30. Spare change/emergency money
31. Blanket
32. Change of clothes
33. USB mobile device charger


Are you prepared for your next road trip?

Do you have any suggestions to add?


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