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Brand New Travel Apps Inspire You to Travel

I never leave home without my phone and thanks to technology it has become one of my greatest resources. The Development of phone apps have turned our phones into powerful travel tools. We can do anything from making reservation, finding the right directions and even tabulate expenses. Here are a few travel apps who all just happen to be developed in Massachusetts to inspire you to get traveling.



Flight Tonight is Hopper’s iPhone app to help you get out of town in a hurry. Flight Tonight helps you be spontaneous. Find and book the best available roundtrip flights leaving from your location tonight and tomorrow morning.

Wanderu is the simplest way for you to find and book inter-city buses and trains between any two points. We are expanding quickly across the U.S and Canada to help you find cheap bus tickets and the perfect trip to any destination!

Veer helps drivers find the closest & cheapest garage parking spot via real time GPS search, direct navigation to the garage, saved car location, and running rate & time.

Spotlight Parking
Spotlight is a mobile application that allows users to request valet service at the push of a button. When you simply want to just get where you need to be without a hassle, drop a “pin” to request valet service, and if in range of a Spotlight ‘Hotspot’, a Spotlight Parker will arrive and pick up your car within minutes. When you want your car returned, simply tap ‘pick up’ and your car will be delivered to the nearest ‘Hotspot’. Spotlight will revolutionize the way we think about parking.

“Like you, here at Villy we love to travel to new places. But every time we wanted to plan a trip and book a hotel we found ourselves spending hours searching dozens of websites to find where to stay. We built Villy to simplify the process. We established unique knowledge of each of the cities we cover to match you with the the best neighborhoods for your trip. We then partnered with leading travel experts to bring you the best hotel deals out there.”

Buggl is a marketplace connecting travelers with unique and inspiring travel guides created by top insiders worldwide.

Have you tried these apps yet? What did you think?

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Where will you be vacationing this summer?


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