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The Niche Parent Blogger Conference RoundUp



I want to commend Nadia, the Niche Mommy Network and conference staff for putting together such a great event. It was my first time attending the Niche Parent Conference. The intimate atmosphere left time for lots of networking. I connected with many online friends for the first time in person and reconnected with many friendly familiar faces I hadn’t seen in awhile. This is a great conference to attend if you are ready to take your blog to the next level so keep an eye out for next year’s dates.
There were many interesting panels and workshops to choose from focusing on things like the business of blogging to advice on growing your blog. These are some of the sessions I attended along with some of the wonderful things I learned.

How Much is it Worth? The State of Social Media with Ted Murphy, CEO of IZEA, Inc
Ted Murphy has many years of experience building businesses. One of my favorite takeaways from this session was his insistence that bloggers must get paid for their time and work. It does take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours to edit photos and write great content. Not to mention the cost of equipment. It takes money to run a business. Value yourself and your work and others will too.

How to Grow Your Email List, Influence, and Monetize your Blog with Laura Fuentes of Momables and SuperGlue Mom

One of my favorite sessions was given by Laura Fuentes. She spoke frankly and honestly about her journey as a blogger and shared step by step how she grew her platform. It was an information packed session and I learned many things which I will be implementing in the near future.

Secrets for a Successful Freelance Writing Career with Lorraine C. Ladish

Lorraine has many years of experience as both writer and editor. As a writer it was wonderful to learn industry insights. One of her best tips was not to take criticism personally and maintain good relationships. In an industry in flux you never where they or you might work next. 

Start-up Secrets & Tools for the 21st Century Woman with Celest Benn & Divina Rodriguez

I’m glad I attended this session because it refocused me onto a business mindset and both speakers were very motivating.

#NicheParent13 #sexystartup @TrumpetingMedia @DancingHotdogs decide if you want to run a lifestyle or buyout company then put a number onit

Past the Pitch: Brand Relationship 2.0 with Sili Recio and Eileen Campos

In this session Sili shared her media kit and gave great tips on how to pitch brands. Not only did she share great information but she gave us yummy samples of International Delight creamers in different flavors. Thanks Sili, who knows a girls gotta have her cup of coffee every day.

Vlogging – Making it Practical, Fun & Professional with Caroline Murphy

As an artist I always find myself behind the camera and never really thought about being in front of it. Caroline of Smarty Pants Mama spoke with such energy and enthusiasm I just might give a try soon. Thanks for the inspiration and Cover Girl Lipsticks. You know how much I love makeup don’t you?

The Content is the Ad with Ted Rubin

Social marketing strategist and author of Return on Relationship gave his wonderful insight reminding us it is not the amount of followers nor the size of your audience rather the quality of interaction. Learn who your audience is and engage them.

Blogger/Brand Playbook: The Top Spoken and Unspoken Rules of Engagement between brands, bloggers, and blogger networks with Crystal Duncan of IZEA Inc., Courtney Velasquez of Collective Bias, Latina Mom Bloggers, Cristy Clavijo-Kish, Latina Mom Bloggers

New FTC Disclosures: What Marketers & Bloggers Need to Know with SOWEB Inc.

It’s better to be honest and authentic rather than dishonest.  Always disclose and you won’t have any problems, your audience will respect you more.

Blogging 101: How to Make Something Out of Nothin’ with Vanessa Bell, Eileen Carter-Campos & Chaton Turner

I enjoy attending conferences, learning new things and networking.

What conferences do you recommend for taking your blog or business to the next level?


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