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Travel Tips Round Up From Flying to Packing and More

I’m going through my travel tips articles getting ready to start planning my summer vacation.  I enjoy researching new places and going on new adventures.  Sometimes planning can be fun but sometimes it can be tedious since there are so many things to do before we get to leave and have fun.  Here’s my round up of travel tips articles to help you out.



Long List of Things to do Before You Leave on Your Trip

There are lots of details to be wrapped up before leaving on your next trip.  Here’s a long list you can use to check things off and not worry you’ve missed something.

What You Need to Know Before Flying

We do a lot of road tripping and sometimes we fly out to do even more road tripping.  Here are some tips to get you ready for your flight.

inside my carry on bag

Packing is actually fun for me.  I enjoy finding all the perfect little items that will make me and my family feel comfortable during our commute.  Here’s what I have inside my carry on.

9 Best Ways to Prepare Your Cell Phone Before Traveling

I never leave the house without my phone.  These tips will help when you’re out on the road.


World's Most Helpful Types of Travel Apps

Continuing on the phone theme here are some very useful travel apps.


Where will you be vacationing this summer?


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What to Pack in Your Carry On Bag

Most airlines allow for two carry on bags.  One which can be stored under your seat and a larger one to be stored in the overhead compartment.  Check your airline for their particular size and weight requirements ahead of time.

Make sure your bag is comfortable.  I like using a backpack because it distributes the weight evenly and is much more comfortable to carry.  I choose one with lots of pockets to keep certain things separate.  I don’t want my sunglasses getting scratched.

carry on bag
High Sierra A.T. Gear Ultimate Access 21″ Carry-On Wheeled Backpack Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack,   Travelpro Luggage Crew 9 Business Backpack, Kaukko Vintage Canvas Travel Bag

The first thing I pack are my toiletries.  By now you’ve read the article that went viral where airline staff admitted to how dirty the planes are.  Make sure to have wipes to wipe down the armrest, tray and anything else you’ll be touching.  Do not drink the water.  Not even for coffee or tea.  And do not even wash your hands with it.  Use wipes or hand sanitizer until you arrive at your destination.

Here’s the list of things I pack into my personal carry on bag.

inside my carry on bag
Lenovo Laptop,  Canon Digital SLR Camera, Kindle Fire, Sunglasses Black FrameCashmere Pashmina Solid Scarf, Estee Lauder 7 pcs Skin Care and Makeup Collection Gift setHealthy Snacks,  CHANEL Eyeglasses, Earclip Headphones,  Luckies of London Travelogue Travel Journal, Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pen, AB Earth Genuine Leather Chocolate Hiking Backpack Travel Bag,

Tissue / Lip balm /Hand sanitizer /Toothbrush & toothpaste /Face wipes /Deodorant

Brush / Headband / Hairclips / Makeup /Medications / Small first aid kit

Snacks / Gum

Granola bars / Trail Mix / Apple / Sandwich / Nuts / Cheese &  Crackers / Small Cereal Boxes / Snack Mix

Sunglasses / Reading glasses

Scarf can also double as blanket / Jacket / Sweater/ An extra outfit including underwear

Extra zip bags / small umbrella /Phone chargers / Headphones

DVD player / Laptop /Games /Small journal /Pens / Pencils / Books / Magazines

Camera / Kindle

Do you have any tips for me?  Is there anything else I should take?


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This post was originally written by Letty Rodriguez who blogs at Bella Vida by Letty.  She can also be found on Twitter at @BellaVidaLetty

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