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Where to Stay in the Garden District of New Orleans: The Hubbard Mansion Bed & Breakfast

Hubbard Mansion Collage Garden District New Orleans

On my first trip to New Orleans, I chose wisely and stayed in the gorgeous Garden District.  Wealthy families set up genteel households beginning in the early 1800’s in this now historic area.  This picturesque neighborhood features mansion lined streets protected and kept cool by giant leafy live oaks where you’ll find beads hanging from their branches leftover from previous celebrations.  Row after row of architectural beauties in altering styles of Greek revival or Victorian elegance.  Some are very old, some are renovated while others are completely new, each one special in their own unique way.  The Garden District is a feast for the senses. You’ll find a new delight on every block whether it be an interesting architectural detail or the fragrance emanating from a colorful well manicured garden.

The drive up to New Orleans from Florida took longer than planned.  Even at night, the Hubbard Mansion bed and breakfast was very easy to find since it’s located on one of the Garden Districts main streets, St. Charles Avenue.  Arriving late in the evening just beyond the wrought iron gates we were welcomed by the soft glow of vintage lamps reflecting off extravagantly large columns of this Greek revival mansion.  The familiar southern song of cicadas rose and fell as we made our way up to the spacious front porch furnished with white wicker rattan tables and chairs.  The perfect place to sip a cool sweet drink, take in the breeze and watch the streetcars go by.

Exhausted from the heat and the long drive I was looking forward to some southern comfort.  Entering through the white double doors was like taking a trip back in time.  Every piece of antique furniture and accessory hand selected to make you feel like you are living in a different time period.  The best part is not having to give up modern amenities because the soothing coolness of the air conditioning was exactly what I needed.  From the chandeliers to the brightly colored area rug, it’s an accurate representation of the elegant lifestyle of well to do New Orleans households of the past.

This grand mansion features five majestic suites for guests.  I felt like royalty staying in the high ceilinged Henry II suite furnished with period pieces, a marble top dresser and gorgeous triple bevel mirrored armoire.  It was the attention to detail like the rose shaped pillow on the Victorian chair that made me feel as though I was visiting a friend’s home.  I had a restful night’s sleep in a luxurious period king sized bed after freshening up in the extra large Jacuzzi tub.

The next morning I was able to catch up on some writing sitting at a wonderful Victorian desk cleverly positioned to receive the best lighting in front of the seven foot window overlooking St. Charles Avenue.  It was very peaceful.  The birds sang, joggers and streetcars passed me by as I typed away.  The bed and breakfast provides wifi allowing me to catch up with my email which can quickly get out of control if I don’t.  Very convenient if you have to work during your travels.

During the day I enjoyed the many details of Hubbard Mansion and found myself making up stories as to what it would have been like to visit during the 1800’s.  This Greek Revival is a newly built replica of a Natchez Mississippi Mansion and is kept in pristine condition.  Every room is filled with curious Victorian antiques, an old radio, a lovely tea set, large fancy  dining room and so on.  There were several hand carved Victorian settee sofas where one could read, gather or daydream.

One of the famous New Orleans streetcar stops is literally across the street.  Taking advantage of the off street parking the bed and breakfast offers allowed me to explore the rest of New Orleans at my leisure.  It was a real convenience.  I recommend taking the streetcar and also walking to get a close up look of the beautiful neighborhood.  There are restaurants a block away in either direction and the grocery store and gas station are just one streetcar stop away if you need supplies.

After my days of exploring in the heat, hustle and bustle of New Orleans the bed and breakfast provided clean comfortable sanctuary where I could recharge for the next adventure.  It’s the reason I wanted to stay in the Garden District.

Hubbard Mansion Postcard NOLA

Have you been to the Garden District?  If you’re looking for a clean, comfortable elegant place to stay during your visit I recommend the Hubbard Mansion bed and breakfast.  When you go be sure to tell your hosts, Don and Shelia Hubbard I said hello.


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