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Spain’s Lizarran Restaurant Launches Miami Food Truck

Lizarran Food Truck

I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the Lizarran food truck in Miami. It was quite a treat to sample the menu. Fresh ingredients prepared into great looking flavorful comfort food that are easy to enjoy on the go.  The food truck is huge decorated with twinkling lights, potted plants and painted tiles evoking an authentic Mediterranean feel.

About Lizzaran

Established in a coastal town just outside Barcelona, Spain, Lizarran is transforming the American culinary scene with their fusion of Mediterranean and Spanish flavors. Combining the social and familial element of Spain’s culture creating an inviting and enjoyable dining experience for guests. With over 270 restuarants in Europe and around the world it is finally making it’s way to Miami.

Internationally recognized for the pintxos, cones and homemade recipes, Lizarran infuses fresh Spanish and Mediterranean ingredients, modern culinary technique and inherently Spanish presentation to their innovative dishes.

Foodies can mix and match combination and flavors to satisfy their specific cravings. Tasty ingredients include the finest olive oil, jamon Serrano and fresh seafood.

Lizarran Collage

About the Food

Lizarran’s Spanish Mediterranean cuisine is made up of bite sized recipes which take comfort food to a new level. Pintxos are small snacks served atop sliced bread distinguished by the skewer, a culinary stape of Northern Spain’s Basque region. Cones are handheld dishes that are ideal on the go menu items consisting of croquettes, fries and churros with Nutella.

Lizarran Food Truck

I recommend experiencing the food with friends because there is so much good stuff to sample and plenty to share. The gazpacho is something you must try. It is a creamy cold Andalusian soup with ripe tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper and garlic bursting with flavor.

The potato salad is quite refreshing and made with fresh ingredients, potatoes, carrots, eggs, tuna, sweet pepper and olives.

One of my favorites are the croquettes witch are the perfect bite sized fritter treats filled with jamon Serrano, cheese or vegetables.

When eating Spanish food another must have is the tortilla Espanola; eggs, Yukon gold potatoes, onions and Spanish ham. So so good.

Lizarran Food Truck

Another of my favorites was the sautéed vegetables; brie cheese, zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms and carrots.

Like I said there is so much great food to sample you should definitely bring along good friends.  They will thank you later.

You can find out where exactly to find the food trucks on their facebook page and check out the menu at their website.


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