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Popular Electronic Travel Games For All Ages

Popular Electronic Travel Games For All Ages

This is a curated list of popular electronic travel games for all ages.  Games are sure to make the time fly and make the journey more pleasant.  Some journeys can be long or sometimes get delayed.  I tried to chose a variety of games.  Some of these games are educational, build your memory or are just plain classics.



1. Akira Electronic Sudoku Number Puzzle Handheld Travel Game 

Sudoku is a logic-based number placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 boxes (also called blocks or regions) contains the digits from 1 to 9 only one time each. The puzzle setter provides a partially completed grid.


2.Mega Screen Solitaire

Mega Screen Solitaire. Two games in one! Plays Draw 1 or Draw 3 Klondike Solitaire. Have fun with large screen for easy viewing and an auto shut off.


3. Handheld Pocket Arcade Electronic Hangman Game

The classic handheld Hangman game with over 6,000 word vocabulary. Includes 6 Categories: Sports, Science, History, Art & Literature, Geography, And Entertainment.


4. WOLSEN Handheld Game Tetris

The classic Tetris game,Featuring many variations of the addictive Tetris game with radio function, can search multiple FM channels.

game console

5. My Arcade Portable Gaming System 

Soar the skies, solve puzzles, play golf or tennis and much more. My Arcade Portable Gaming System is loaded with 140 fun and easy to play video games! Simply power on the system and start playing, anywhere, anytime!

donkey kong

6. LCD Portable Game Console w/ Speaker – Bulit-in 152 Games 

Great for fans of Mario Bros, Pac-man, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter and Ninja Gaiden!
This handheld portable video game console comes loaded with 150 classic 8-Bit vintage games and comes in a convenient pocket size so you can play anywhere on the go!

simon says

7. Simon Electronic Carabiner Hand-Held Memory Game

The classic electronic game of memory is back in take everywhere carabineer format. Ever-increasing sequences of lights and sounds command your response. Keep the pattern and you just might beat Simon!

brain games

8. Electronic Brain Trainer Video Game with 10 Games 

Perform basic training for attention, memory, computation, analysis, response and other important skills with this go anywhere Electronic Brain Trainer.

handheld games

9. I’m Game 180 Games Handheld Player 

The GP 180 Handheld Game Player provides a fantastic variety of exciting and challenging games for children of all ages. Bundling 180 Games into one convenient player that fits in your pocket, this is an ideal choice for entertainment on-the-go. The player includes sports, adventure and puzzle games as well as thinking and learning games involving memory, math, and logic.


10. Electronic Chess Travel Game

The unit has 3 Levels of play and Take-back of 2 Half Moves.

mr potato head

11. 1997 Hasbro MR POTATO HEAD Handheld Learning Electronic Travel Game

Mr Potato Head Learning Electronic talking toy with 5 different learning games on it.


12. Operation Electronic Carabiner

It takes a sharp eye and quick hand! The Operation electronic carabiner allows you to test your operating skills anywhere and anytime. Follow the path; up, down, left or right, just donメt cross over the path or youメll get a time penalty. Remove all thirteen ailments from Cavity Sam, before the time runs out and youメll move onto the next level. Youメll have less time with each new level. Be fast, be precise ヨ beat all 30 levels ad become the new operating expert!


13. Electronic Baseball Handheld Game

Retro Style Electronic Handheld Baseball Game with Improved Sound Effects – updated from earlier Basic Fun version. Great Retro fun!!

space invaders

14. Space Invaders Electronic Carabiner

Space Invaders – Beware of the invasion – with the Space Invaders electronic carabiner! Use the laser cannon by moving it horizontally across the bottom of the screen, while firing at the descending aliens to earn points. The more aliens defeated the faster they attack. You must defeat the aliens through all 10 levels to stop the invasion before the aliens destroy your cannon and take control. Good luck and good shooting.


15.  Pocket Blackjack 21

The pocket-size portability and casino-style of Pocket Blackjack 21 will provide hours of fun anytime, anywhere. Test your blackjack skills. See if you can beat the dealer without going over 21 to win big!


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