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November 19th 1493 Columbus Lands in Puerto Rico

1898 US Flag is raised in Puerto Rico

I find it astonishing that in 2012 this date is disrespectfully referred to as the discovery of Puerto Rico because I believe Puerto Rico has yet to be discovered.  Discover means to become aware of but so many people, both islanders and non islanders have no clue who Puerto Ricans are.  Can you tell me?

November 19th 1493 was the day Columbus landed on the island.

The known history of Puerto Rico actually begins with its first settlers, the Ortoiroid, who originated off the Orinoco river in South America before migrating and settling all throughout the Caribbean approximately sometime around 5,000 BCE.

I want to share these photographs of Puerto Rico from the last century.  It’s the closest I’ve come to discovering what a Puerto Rican is.

1898 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico teachers & students

Cidra, Puerto Rico 1938

1937 Ponce, Puerto Rico
Bayamon, Puerto Rico 1941
Puerta de Tierra, Puerto Rico 1938

Yauco, Puerto Rico 1942
Yabucoa, Puerto Rico 1942

School in Aibonito, Puerto Rico 1944
Martin Pena Canal 1973
Political Cartoon, Puerto Rico in Chains 1898-1910

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