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My Adventure at Art Basel 2012

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt.” Leonardo da Vinci
Wynwood Florida Art Basel
Wynwood Walls during Art Basel 2012
I found a Unicorn @ArtBasel2012

Immersing myself among art renews my creative spirit leaving me inspired. I spent a wonderful weekend checking out the various Art Basel 2012 events around Miami. This year there was too much to chose from.  Frankly it’s impossible to see it all.  I had a list of events to hit up but only made it to a few of them.

Wynwood remains my favorite spot. The neighborhood is run down but the element of spontaneity is thick in the air. At every corner lies the possibility of a pleasant surprise.  And that’s how I like to roll when I’m out and about.

It was Saturday evening, days after Art Basel’s official start, but there were still artists putting the finishing touches on their murals. I completely get that.  I often need to walk away from a piece or fall into endless editing.  Gracing the walls were many different styles from Escher-esque like black & white to playful pieces bursting with color.

Music filled the air.  You couldn’t walk two steps without hearing some type of music.  On the street where I parked there was a hip hop music video being filmed.  As I continued exploring Wynwood, each space had its particular music streaming.  There were street performers who danced to a live band playing on the sidewalk.  I even bumped into Santa dancing with Don Quixote.  Later I walked into a bar which turned into a cafe selling tacos out of an altered car, which turned into an open air market which I witnessed clear and convert into a dance floor for 80’s music lovers.

Art Basel
Filming a music video during Art Basel 2012

I experienced so much on Saturday alone it’s impossible to get it all in one post.
After eating dinner, which was a super tasty burger from the Latin Burger food truck I headed to the Design District to check out Mestizo City.


Robert Rodriguez's band Chingon
Robert Rodriguez’s band Chingon


Created by Henry Muñoz, this installation included a bounce house and featured director Robert Rodriguez in a live performance with his band, Chingon.  I had no idea what to expect but they were really good.  The lead singer was especially fantastic and had the coolest tattoo in the center of his chest.

Robert hid behind his hat all evening as he played guitar and spoke to the audience.  He told us he was inspired to form the band and record music because its the sound he wanted for his movies and much less expensive than paying rights.  Remember he began his film career making super low budget films.

I can relate because when I’m writing fiction there’s usually music playing.  And a big part of telling stories via movies is indeed the soundtrack.

The bands music is a cross of all of his influences: Tito & Tarantula, Los Lobos, Cruzados, The Plugz, Del Castillo, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Patricia Vonne, Girl In A Coma and David Garza.  Check them out if they’re ever in your part of town.  You can listen below.

Stay tuned for the next post which will showcase the art from Art Basel 2012 that captured my attention.


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