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Long List of Things to do Before You Leave on Your Trip

Long List of Things to do Before You Leave on Your Trip

I’m pretty organized and one tool I cannot live without is a good old fashioned to do list.  I’ve compiled a list of things to do after you’ve made your reservations.  Once you have your date use this list to ensure you are ready and worry free so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.   There are many minute details to take care of before you leave.   This list should help take some of the stress away.


Pay bills due while you’re away.

Clear out the refrigerator.  Throw out anything that may spoil.

Do dishes and wipe down counters.

Water plants

Unplug appliances and computers

Take out trash.

Make sure your washing machine and dryer are empty.

Leave extra set of keys with neighbor, friends or family.

Hold your mail.

Stop newspaper delivery.

Put a hold on deliveries



Turn on out of office notifications

Change your voicemail message

Double check your calendar for any commitments during those times.



Plan your first Day

Check the weather forecast.

How will you get from airport/train to hotel?

Map it out.

Plan your last day.

Keep a pouch with your house, car keys, cash and documents.



Alert bank and credit card companies of your upcoming vacation to avoid any problems using your cards at your destination.

Scan or Make copies of important items, like credit cards and your passport, i

Clean out your wallet for things you won’t need.



Leave contact phone numbers with family members and friends in case they need to reach you while you’re traveling. Examples include:

Phone number of the hotel(s) where you’re staying

Airline flight information and phone numbers

Phone numbers of the people you’re traveling with

If you’re traveling with a group or tour company, leave the company’s contact information

Phone numbers for doctors/veterinarians, if necessary



Get your phone ready.

Download travel apps.

Charge your devices.

How about you?  What did I miss?


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