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Kid friendly craft Project: How to make an Earring Holder

How to make an Earring Holder

Over the summer we had so much fun making these fabulous earring holders out of wooden picture frames. This is a very easy to do craft for children over the age of 6 without too much help from adults. It’s perfect the perfect way to get creative any time of the year. I encourage you to pick your favorite colors and themes. It’s also a great way to put your craft leftovers to good use. Recycling is always a good thing.

Supply List:
– Wooden Picture Frame
– Plastic Canvas Mesh
– Favorite color acrylic paints
– Paint brush
– Favorite Craft Glue
Coordinating Accessories to decorate the frame such as:
gems, beads, fabric flowers, stickers, glitter, buttons

First get your workspace ready.
I like to cover my work area with plastic table cloths from the dollar store. They come in every color and you don’t feel bad throwing them away if they get too messed up.

Place the color paints and water for cleaning your paint brush on one side. Place paper towels within arm’s reach to wipe off any mistakes before they dry.
Next, prep your frame for painting.

Take off any glass, plastic and backing that the frame may have come with and place them to the side. We found pretty wooden frames in the dollar section of our favorite craft store. They come in all sizes and shapes. The frames we bought also had the option to stand upright or hang on the wall. Choose your favorite just keep in mind that wood surfaces are easier to paint.

You may sand down the surface of the frame before you paint but we didn’t. We couldn’t wait to dive in with our brushes. Make sure you also paint the tops and sides of the frame. The backside is optional.

Once the frame is dry you may want to give it another coat of paint to fix any mistakes or to make the color more intense.

While you are waiting for the paint to dry, trace the glass or plastic cover the frame came with onto the plastic canvas with a pencil. Then cut out the shape with scissors and set aside. Plastic mesh can be found in any craft store and comes in various colors. (We will be using the leftovers from this project to make cross-stitch Christmas ornaments.)

When you are satisfied with the color and the paint has completely dried it’s time to get creative. Many of the accents we used were leftover from previous craft projects. I was happy to find use for the small amount of leftover ribbon and gems. The dots on the pink frame where made by making little dots with glitter paint. If you have a favorite cartoon character you can use stickers. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy being creative.

Once the glue has dried you can pop in the plastic canvas. Now you can add your favorite earrings and find the perfect spot to display your fabulous creation.

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