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How to Pair Food and Wine Tips From David Mirassou

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I enjoy drinking wine and sampling of its many varieties but have never taken a formal class to understand the intricacies of wine.  From what I had previously seen it seemed quite serious and even intimidating.  Lucky for me I received an invite to a great event.  I recently had the pleasure of attending a Bloggy Boot Camp hosted by the SITS Girls in Miami where not only did we learn advanced marketing tips but we were treated to a Mirassou Wine tasting party.

I met David Mirassou before his presentation and he was very down to earth and welcoming.  I didn’t know what to expect but I was already having fun connecting with local bloggers.  David spoke with so much enthusiasm about his wines the evening became more about having fun.  He shared how much it meant to him to continue the business his grandfather started.  We learned where the grapes came from and the attention to ingredients to bring about certain flavors.

Our tables at Chop House 305 were beautifully prepared featuring several different wines both white and reds along with three very different food dishes.  Food and wine are naturally complementary.  The best suggestion I learned from David Mirassou is to pair lighter foods with lighter wines and heartier foods with bolder wines but most importantly to have fun and enjoy yourself.

How to pair food and wine.

food and wine pairings

On the menu that evening were sliders, macaroni and cheese and sweet shrimp tacos.  It was enjoyable to experiment the tastes of the food with different wines then decide which we liked best.  This a really fun dinner party idea.  Have your guests share what flavors they taste and like.

I love burgers especially served as bite sized sliders.  Sliders are perfectly paired with the Mirassou Reds like Sunset Red, Pinot Noir or Merlot.  The meat brought out the dark cherry and pomegranate flavors in the Sunset Red.

Macaroni and cheese can be paired with either the Chardonnay or the Sunset Red.  The acid in the white wine will cut through the richness of the dish.  The sweetness of the Sunset Red pairs perfectly with the saltiness of the dish.

Sweet shrimp tacos can be paired with any type of white wine; Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, etc.  The sweet flavors of the fruit in the taco sauce brought out the peach, pear and vanilla flavors in the Chardonnay.

Another pairing suggestion is to try pairing the sauce in the dish with the wine.  For example pork chops prepared with white wine sauce is a very different flavor than pork chops in a zesty red wine sauce.

Mirassou has a really great website with all types of suggested pairings and many recipes to inspire and generate new ideas for your next dinner.  There is also a very helpful free downloadable Home Entertaining Kit which includes a wine tasting mat, scoring sheet, food and wine pairing chart along with recipe ideas.  Go here to download.

Have you tried pairing foods and wines before?  Do you have any particular favorites?

Pinot Grigio Fizz

I personally prefer white wines.  I liked the Mirassou Chardonnay and am a big fan of their Pinot Grigio which inspired me to come up with this recipe called Pinot Grigio Fizz.  Combine 4oz Pinot Grigio with 1oz Ginger ale to make one serving of Pinot Grigio Fizz.

Have you tried a Pinot Grigio Fizz?  What did you think?


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