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How will you use Google Plus Project?

I started using Google Plus this week and I’m already hooked.

You can find my page HERE and add me to your circles.

The 3 basic things you can do so far are:

Browse your circles to see what people are sharing.

Start a hangout anytime and chat with up to ten people.

Use Sparks to get a constant feed of things that interest you and share.

How I plan to use Google Plus

1. I will be building a network on G+ that’s not as personal as Facebook.
I always hated how invasive Facebook felt. There are things that I only want to share with family and not with acquaintances.  Some businesses do not know the difference between a page and a friend.

2. Continue to grow my reach/platform with future projects & product launches in mind.
I couldn’t feel I could do this on Facebook because I did not want to mix personal with business. Creating another account that I had to keep track of wasn’t an option that interested me.

Twitter is still my favorite way to grow a platform.  It’s easy and non invasive. I may change my mind as Google plus grows and adds more features.

3. Hopefully make connections with like minded people.
I’ve met some really fantastic and amazing people through Twitter and deepened the relationships on Facebook.

I’m looking forward to meeting more people I can connect with on different levels whether it be business and professional or artistic/creative and personal. 

4. Create a powerful, up to the minute information stream.
 I like the circles feature but I wish we had more/easier control of the stream because I want to create & read up to date quality information. There are people who I’ll follow but not necessarily want to read everything they share. For example, I love following artists because they inspire me but sometimes I just want the latest tech news, etc.

On twitter I’ve been able to do this with the twitter lists feature (luv it!).  My Florida list is the most powerful example I could show you:!/BellaVidaLetty/florida

As soon as you open it you know the most important news & events going on in South Florida as it happens.  I’ve created lists for other interests as well; Movies, Writing, Business, Marketing, Art, Paris, Puerto Rico, Science, Fashion, etc.  You can find and follow any or all of my twitter lists here.

I’ve also been able to do this on Facebook by liking pages that interest me ie: magazines, business organizations, news, women’s issues, education, etc. But it’s not easy to navigate or find info on a certain topic the way twitter is set up.So when I finally achieved this in Facebook, google+ comes along and now I have to start over. ;P
I’m really hoping I can create an even more powerful information stream with the Google plus circle feature. This will take time because it depends on what type of information an individual shares on that platform.  So far it’s a mix of personal, funny and informative. I’ve already started creating circles and I’m worried it’s going to get out of hand.

How will YOU be using the Google Plus project?

Leave your links below so I can add you to my circles.

One great idea I found in my stream was from a teacher.  He plans on using the Hangout feature to tutor kids.  How cool is that?

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