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hot pink roses meaning

Perfume: 1. Impart a pleasant smell to. 2.A fragrant liquid typically made from essential oils extracted from flowers and spices, used to impart a pleasant smell to one’s body or clothes.

aroma, bouquet, cologne, eau de cologne, essence, fragrance, incense, odor, oil, redolence, sachet, smell, spice, sweetness

A hot pink Rose from my garden.
antibromic, aromatic, euodic, fragrant, fragrant as a rose, libanophorous, muscadine, olent, perfumatory, perfumed, redolent, rose, rosewatered, savory, scented, spicy, suaveolent, sweet, sweet, thuriferous

Hot pink roses mean to me . . .
sunlit bouncing curls exploring with the wonderment of in-expectation
as wild thorns try to tame her into place. 

Hot pink roses mean to me . . . 
perfumed aromatic surprises entwined with the
Caribbean breeze in varying intensities.

it’s color remind me of
lipstick stains speckled with salt
on a the rim of a sweaty glass

it’s color reminds me of
first kisses
ice cold syrupy limbers

it’s color reminds me of
first kisses
sun kissed noses

it’s color reminds me of
first loves
puppy love
true love


“Earth laughs in flowers.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
“A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.” Walt Whitman
“Perfumes are the feelings of flowers.” Heinrich Heine


 What do you associate with hot pink roses?

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