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Hispanic Heritage Month: Latino Culture & History Resources

If history were taught correctly without prejudice or bias we wouldn’t need a Hispanic Heritage month.

Our history has not been properly told or documented.  We are left on our own to dig and discover.  Since I’m the type of person who enjoys constantly learning, I’m always finding the most fascinating things.

I also know the importance of sharing information which is why I created this  tumblr blog.  Not only do I share my artwork and photography there but it has become a rich resource for Latino culture and history.

These are bite sized bits of information I’m pulling together and posting in one spot.  They are pointers to even more resources for you to explore.

You will find loads of information relating to Puerto Rican culture and so much more:  I link to vintage photographs, museums, videos and websites where you can read free texts and peruse historical documents.

Examples of art related posts:

Mi Puerto Rico – Master Painters of the Island
Exhibit organized by the Museo de Arte de Ponce, is the first major exhibition in the continental United States devoted to Puerto Rico’s three greatest masters:
Jose Campeche (1751-1809),
Francisco Oller (1833-1917),
and Meguel Pou (1880-1968). #Video

One of my passions is vintage photography.  I’ve found plenty interesting and probably never before seen images to give you an idea of how much our ancestors have left us.

San Juan Railroad Terminal, Calle Commercio & Calle Harding Puerto Rico

Examples of research related posts:

Marta Caminero-Santangelo, associate professor of English at the University of Kansas, explores how literature can shape who people are, and who they understand themselves to be as a group — specifically, in this case, as an ethnic group: Latinos. Here, she discusses her research as well as KUs new Latino/a studies minor, the power of a good story and the value of service learning.

Present day Taínos argue that they were not entirely killed off and that many of them escaped into the mountains and others intermarried with their conquerors and survived.

Examples of Music History:

The Puerto Rican Decima
An ancient poetic genre created in Spain that has been used in Puerto Rico – and Latin America – since the 17th century. Its themes were usually derived from books that poets read – or had read to them – like the Bible, Don Quixote, etc.

A found musical recording from 1939.

Examples of Political History:

Images of a strike against the sugar industry.

Vintage photograph of sugar plantation owners mansion sitting high above worker shacks.

Albizu Campos speech with captions in Spanish and English.

I hope you are encouraged to learn more about your cultural heritage and share it with others.

You can visit my tumbler blog HERE.

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