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Going Viral ~ Spreading Information & Viral Videos of the week

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Going viral has everything to do with how quickly something grows or spreads over the internet.  This happens by sharing information.  It can be an idea, an article, breaking news and more popular videos. When you share a link with your facebook friends or re-tweet something of interest on Twitter you become part of the information chain.

I was thinking about this last week when a Martin Luther King misquote spread across the internet like wildfire.  This one caught my attention because as you know from reading this blog, I appreciate great quotes.
I noticed the quote on a facebooks friends profile early in the morning.  When I logged on later that evening to reply to some messages I noticed it was the quote correction that was going viral the same day.  I shared an article explaining the misquote myself.

What I found fascinating was the speed that information travels.  It’s like the game we played in school called telephone.  The object of the game was to whisper a secret into one person’s ear then that person had to repeat what was told to them to the next person and so on.  Without fail by the time ‘the secret’ had reached the last person it was nothing near the original.  Did you play the game?  Were you like me who purposefully changed ‘the secret’ to something silly and completely senseless? lol

I may start a regular ‘what’s viral this week post’.  Would that interest you?

Here are a few videos that went viral this week.

The first one is a video of Real Madrid’s star soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, giving a fan his shirt after breaking his nose. ahem, you’re welcome 😉

Here’s a pretty silly funny one featuring a dog.

Remember keyboard cat? Well this weeks viral video is the one featuring kids reactions to the keyboard cat. v.cute

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