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The Garden District of New Orleans

The Garden District in Uptown New Orleans

There’s a beautiful neighborhood in New Orleans called the Garden District and during my visit where I stayed.  It’s a wonderful place for taking a long walk especially if you enjoy taking photos.  In this neighborhood you will find row after elegant row of Greek Revival and Vintage Victorian mansions with perfectly manicured gardens.  Every single one is different.  You really never know what will be around the corner.

The Garden District in Uptown New Orleans

The Garden District of New Orleans is considered to have the best preserved historic mansions in the US.  The area is one of the earliest expressions of Greek Revival and the streets still named after the nine muses of Greek mythology.  It was developed after 1830 by wealthy Americans who made their money in the shipping, cotton, sugar and slave trade industries.  While they may have been short on ethics there was no shortage of money.  St. Charles Avenue is where the wealthiest and most powerful residents of New Orleans lived.  It’s incredible to see such lavishness from the past survive.

I’ve read both sides behind the reasoning they chose this location.  One, because they were snubbed by French Quarter Creoles and or two they thought they were just too good to live alongside them in the French Quarter.  The evidence is in the opulence of the Garden District where residents spent tons of money trying to outdo one another in having the most extravagant home.

The Garden District in Uptown New Orleans

My imagination ran wild inventing stories of the types of people who lived in these mansions back then and now.  The Garden District has had many famous residents over the years: Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, John Goodman, Nicolas Cage, Helen Mirren and the Manning’s to name a few.  I was looking for two characters in particular, Lestat de Lioncourt & Louis de Pointe du Lac.  And I found them.  Do you know them?

I love spooky stories, especially ones with vampires.  You know I had to stop at Anne Rice’s old home.  It stood elegantly on a corner surrounded by tall oak trees and shmancy mansions.

 The Garden District in Uptown New Orleans

 You may think some of these photos look a little tilted but the reality is this place is so old the sidewalks have huge cracks in them making them uneven.  The same can be said about the streets.  The culprit is usually the root system of an extravagantly large oak tree.  Be sure to watch your step.  The best time to visit is early morning on a sunny day when you can enjoy all of the little details that make this neighborhood great.  Take your time walking.  There’s plenty of shade and don’t forget your camera.

Have you been to the Garden District of New Orleans?



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