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Cosmopolitanism & Photography of Downtown Miami

Cosmopolitanism: 1.the theory that cultural and artistic activities should have neither national nor parochial boundaries. 2.the ideology that all human ethnic groups belong to a single community based on a shared morality.

A cosmopolitan is someone not subservient to a particular religious or political authority, someone who was not biased by particular loyalties or cultural prejudice.

Miami Skyline

Cosmopolitanisms have insisted human beings have a duty to aid fellow humans in need, regardless of their citizenship status.

Downtown Miami

Cosmopolitan duty is not restricted to duties of beneficence but also requires justice and respect. Cosmopolitan morality opposes slavery and apartheid, defends the emancipation of women and demands better treatment of animals.

Freedom Tower
Freedom Tower
Downtown Miami

“Homo sum: humani nil a me alienum puto. 
I am human: nothing human is alien to me.”

Downtown Miami from inside a parking garage

I recently caught a piece of a documentary called “Examined Life” by Astra Taylor which reignited my passion for philosophy.  I must make time to watch the entire movie.

While listening to several different philosophers, specifically Kwame Anthony Appiahspeak, speak of his philosophical ideas and ethics I pondered cosmopolitanism.

While I can fully embrace the idea of moral Cosmopolitanism I cannot commit to political or economical cosmopolitanism.  I do feel that the mere fact that we are human makes us related regardless of any other categories you would like to attach to it.  I have great compassion and caring for all children.  If I could have just one cosmopolitan wish granted it would be that each child on the planet receive an equal education because regardless of location or economics it would empower them to create changes.

Synonyms: all-inclusive, broad-minded, charitable, comprehensive, cosmic, cosmopolitan , diffuse, eclectic, ecumenical, extensive, generic, global, inclusive, indeterminate, large-scale, liberal, open-minded, planetary, receptive, tolerant, unbigoted, universal, unprejudiced, unsectarian, whole, wide, world-wide
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Kimbas2cents is a lifestyle blog where she focuses on recipes, fashion, career, and beauty. Her Fall Inspiration has me salivating it looks sooo good! She’s featuring the recipe for delicious spice cupcakes with yummmmmmmy cream cheese frosting! I want one. : )

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