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Confession: I am a Rebel

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You know me as a creative through this blog.  You see my perspective through my photography and words.  I am eternally searching and collecting the beauty I discover around me.  As readers you get a taste of my activism when I write a feminist post but what you may not know is that every single day I do something to fight oppression and inequality.  It might be contributing or curating content for Latino Rebels, writing essays, shedding light on issues which need to be debated or addressed, journalistic writing, etc.  This blog which brings me so much joy is what balances that work because it can be emotionally draining dealing with heavy topics for prolonged periods of time.

It is also hard because there are no safe spaces online so I’m subject to trolls and unsubstantiated criticisms.  I have to find ways to deal with that.  Sometimes it’s easy while some days not so much.  This is why I have to be picky about what I will engage in.  And on the other end of the spectrum, my blog brings me endless joy.

My blog posts are purposefully empowering in a positive way.  I take my time creating and editing photographs until I am satisfied.  I edit my writing style to share important information in and uplifting and positive way.  I want my readers to feel inspired and empowered with information.  There are also posts where I simply want to share something absolutely beautiful I’ve come across.  Something so precious I have to document and share with you here.  This is a safe space for all to enjoy.

I’m participating in a blogging challenge from the talented tech guru Vicky Ayala  because I love everything she does and she is a fountain of tech information.  I write everyday but don’t blog everyday and this challenge would certainly motivate me to do more.  I say that’s a win win.  Since I’m rebellious I’ve combined the first two assignments which are to come up with a descriptive acronym which was pretty easy.  And second to make a confession which never is easy.


R – Rebellious

I am naturally rebellious and question everything.  I find myself instinctively doing the opposite of what is required of me.  This is what makes me good at journalism since I enjoy research and making sure I have accurate sources.  I also enjoy debating.

E – Eternally Creative

If I go too much time without writing I start to feel bad.  Sometimes it can make me physically ill.  I must have a creative outlet to express my thoughts and feelings.

B – Beauty

I use Bella Vida by Letty to remind me to focus on the beauty life has to offer.  It recharges me when I’m down or tired.  It nourishes me and gives me fortitude to do the work that needs to be done.  It is the lightning of an aha moment.  This is what I wish to share with the world.

E – Extraordinary

I’m always in search of the extraordinary in the perceived ordinary by seeing things from a different point of view.

L – Letty

Each day I strive to be authentically me.

Have you ever tried with coming up with your own acronym?  If you had to what would it be?

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