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Bridge of Lions in Historic St. Augustine Florida

Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine Florida

When visiting St. Augustine, the oldest US city, there’s no way you can miss the grand view of the Bridge of Lions.  The Bridge of Lions connects downtown St. Augustine to Anastasia Island and it’s most outstanding feature of course are the gorgeous pair of Medici Lions made of marble which guard the bridge.  These amazing works were created by the Italian sculptor Romanelli of Florence Italy in the mid 1920’s and donated by close friend of Henry Flagler, Dr. Andrew Anderson.  The bridge is the National Register of Historic Places and has been lovingly restored as recently as 2010 for visitors to enjoy.

I took a stroll up the bridge after dinner one early evening to enjoy the gentle warm breeze rolling off Matanzas Bay.  Don’t be intimidated, it is a very walkable bridge.  It’s not too steep and you can always stop and enjoy the view when you need to.  There is lots of traffic but there are dedicated walkways and stoplights allowing pedestrians to explore every corner of St. Augustine by foot.

el Galeon and the Nao Victoria

During my trip there were two famous Spanish pirate style Galleon Ships docked at the Bridge of Lions, el Galeon and the Nao Victoria.  What is very interesting to me is that these ships are in actual use traveling the world stopping at places like St. Augustine.  When you visit these ships you get to meet and talk to the crew which are real sailors living on board.  If you get the chance you can come aboard and explore the ship and is many exhibits and displays.

el Galeon and the Nao Victoria

On the other side of the bridge you can enjoy the view of the great fort Castillo San Marcos.  From the bridge you can even see the giant cross just beyond the fort.  You can read more about that here:   It was very peaceful watching the boats floating gracefully all along the bay.  I  enjoy taking walks especially after a very filling meal.

Bridge of Lions in Historic St. Augustine Florida

If you enjoy running, marathons or triathlons you will be happy to find out there is an annual Bridge of Lions 5k race.  This year it took place at the end of July.

I’m sure if you’ve visited the city of St. Augustine that you have seen the Bridge of Lions but have you had the chance to walk it?


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