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Art of War Tactics Applied the Bella Vida Way: Setting Objectives

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In last weeks post I wrote of the importance of having clear objectives. We have so many options it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Without a clear objective there is no likely hood of achieving your goal. Setting goals is the most powerful thing you can do to bring success into your life. Dedicating the time to create your plan is investing in yourself and your future.

There are many types of goals ranging from Personal to Professional.
Some examples of Personal goals are:

Some examples of Professional goals are:

If you are having trouble establishing your goals here are a few tips.

  • Focus on one goal at a time. 
  • What is the big picture for this specific goal? 
  • Break it down into small steps. 
  • Create a time table. 
  • Create a things to do list. 

I will be adding a calendar to my plan. I’m finding that a countdown really helps me to focus on the right things. You know how life is, everyday something new pops up to fight for your attention.

What is your strategy for remaining focused on your objectives?

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