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The Bella Vida by Letty mission is to be a positive force focused on living a beautiful life featuring things which feed your spirit and are good for the planet.


About Letty

Creative, Writer & Artist Founder of Bella Vida by Letty

Founder, Editor, Publisher, original content creator and curator for

a culture and lifestyle journal where I share my perspective, adventures, art, photography and inspiration. Empowering people through media, technology and information.
Topics I write about: travel, art, photography, philosophy, language, education, history, Puerto Rico, improvement, life lessons, tips, events, etc.

When I travel it’s usually for a long weekend so I try to have as much fun as I can pack into these short trips.  This means I do a lot of research about the place beforehand and try to have a few back up things to do in case something doesn’t work out.  I’m passionate about writing and photography and love sharing the best of my travels on this site.  For me these are wonderful reminders of how beautiful life can be.

Learn more about my travel style here.

I live in the beautiful state of Florida and have taken countless road trips across the state.  Please feel free to ask for helpful travel tips.

Bella Vida by Letty is a steadily growing platform.

2015 Hispanicize Tecla Award Best Latina Travel Blogger

+++2013 Latism Finalist for Best Lifestyle Blog

+++Nominated for Latism12 (Latinos in Social Media) for Best Latina Art Blogger.

New Media / Digital Media
Contributor to one of the world’s most popular and informative Latino news and comedy pages online as well as online magazines like Multicultural Familia and MamiVerse.

Topics I’ve written about: colorism, feminism, inequality, media, etc.

Curator of content for social media.

Business Experience
I worked in a Business Incubator where I was immersed in all aspects of entrepreneurial development. This inspired me to create Bella Vida Boutique an online presence selling high end luxury products. As founder, I set up the legal, financial, technical and operational structures.

Nontraditional artist, abstract painter, abstract experimental photography such as light graffiti but I have also been documentarian, nature photographer and photojournalist covering the occupy movement.

Social Media Influencer
Being highly involved with the online Latino community has garnered recognition from Voxxi News as one of the most powerful Latinas in Social Media.

Join me as I share my inspiration and life lessons through the lens of an artist.

If you have an idea or venture that meets with the mission statement feel free to contact me at [email protected]




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