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100 Pinterest Tips & Ideas for Artists Photographers Creatives

100 Pinterest Tips for Creatives


I am a creative so falling in love with Pinterest was completely inevitable. The bookmarklet is so easy to use, it was love at first pin. How completely wonderful to be able to pin images and organize them onto categorized boards. Not only can Pinterest be used for fun but it’s also a powerful tool. Here are some ideas for creatives.

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Resume Board

You can create a visual resume by pinning and highlighting companies you have worked for or with, projects you have worked on, websites you have created, articles you have written, articles you have been featured in, reviews of your products, etc.


Since I am an artist I have a ‘Resume’ board’ as well as a ‘Portfolio’ board where I pin my paintings, photography and even poetry.

If you have an online store or want to showcase your products they can be arranged neatly by category.  To take full advantage of this opportunity you can even place product pricing over the photos.


Progression Board

Great way to share the progress and evolution of a particular piece you are working on. You can even fine tune this to be an educational ‘how to’ board.  This can also be shared with others if you are working on a collaborative project.  And it can be a great way to keep a client updated.


An easy way to experiment and get a visual feel for a project you are working on.
A twist on the storyboard is bookmarking images for a blog post.

How to Boards

Demonstrate or teach a technique from beginning to end. There are many examples on my ‘Recycled Books‘ Board.

Inspiration Result Boards

Pin the Photo that inspired you to create something then Pin the photo of your creative results.

Reference Library

Photography Tips
As a photographer I like to study the techniques of professionals I admire. You can create boards with photos of a particular artist, style, genre, concepts, etc.

More ideas for photography boards:
Professional Photographers, Fashion Photographers, Portraits, Fashion Photography, Shadows, Day/Night, Special Effects, Digital Manipulation, Study of Lighting, Black & White, Vintage Photos, Indoor/Outdoor Photography, Couples, Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Pets, Children, Babies, Teens Weather (Snow, Rain, Sunshine), Cars, Sports, Dance, Live Events, Poses, Brides, Costume, Fantasy, Family, Holidays, Texture, Macro, Time of the year (Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter), Homes, Architecture, Landmarks, Places, Statues, People on the Street, Spaces, Windows, Doors, Keys, Found Objects, Rooms, Kitchens, Gardens, Flowers, Animals, Hats, Shoes, Before & After, Then & Now, Food

Boards are an easy way to bookmark your favorite sites and articles that inspire creativity.

More ideas for inspiration boards:
Favorite Sites, Photography Tips, Photo Storage Sites, Photo Printing, Photo Editing Tips, Outdoor Photography, Places to go, Places to See, Fun, Funny, Colors, Colorful, Decor, Style

All of these ideas can be fine tuned to meet your specific artistic needs depending what kind of artist you are and the skills you practice.

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